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Gotham Residence by Hamishmash

This looks way more like a love letter to Adventure Time to me than any other kids cartoon, and I loooove it. The style is very cartoon...


==========$10 Dollar Sketch Sale!!===========

So how this will work;
You email me a description, a screenshot, something that gives me a good idea of what your character looks like and maybe acts like, a few quirks or favorite things if you know it (just no giant stories of description, I'd prefer something brief and accurate) or maybe you just wanna see fanart of a character thats already out there in a video game or cartoon or movie - whatever, it's all good. You give me that info, and paypal me $10 (my email is for both paypal and emailing), and rather soon after you do so I'm going to post a sketch of it up here on my DA account.

You can suggest a specific pose, but to speed up the process and keep me interested in it, I can't guarantee what you'll get. May be a headshot, may be some kind of action pose, could be whoever it is reading a book or picking their nose if appropriate. I've finished these off fast enough that I dont really need a queue list. Been able to get them done in a day or so.

Regular commission info here;

  $15 full body, $12 for bust or chest and up
(example:… or… )

Black and White shaded work:
  $30 full body, or $25 for chest and up
(Example:… )

Colored single character picture, no background:
$40 full body ($60 for two characters), or $35 for chest and up
(example:… or… )

Color comic pages;
$110 (black and white or shaded ones $70) +$20 per additional character past 3 per page

(Additional characters, background +$10 per)
(example of a single character color commission with a background;… )
I prefer being messaged through email with the screenshots or description of your commission at (note: I usually reply to emails within a day - unless its a weekend - so if you sent me something and I havent replied to you I either didnt get it or need to be yelled at);

And I prefer payment through paypal, but we can arrange whatever

*(It would also be cool and simpler if you put the name of the commission in the hedder, or I will when I respond so it's easier to find in the mess of my mail box.)

**(if you should be here on the list and you communicated with me and you are NOT here please yell at me in email form)

***(If I email you back to tell you I'm ready to start work on your commission and dont get anything back within a week or so, I may drop you from the list)

Current List as of 9/15/16

1. Benny King (5/28) - thumbnailed 9/14 - 10 page comic and a libby

2. Sapphicpeeko comics
3. Marykate (here) 7/10 - noted on 9/15
4. Jenningst91 (7/31-here) comic
5. Z.G. (Eddy- 8/15)
6. Maxblack (8/17)
7. Altessia (here - 8/19)
8.  G.L. (8/31) 
9. J.S. (9/1)
10. Dragonberry snagged this spot with her sweet Patreon headstart

**Trying to keep my queue to no longer than 10 slots so folks don't end up waiting half a year for what they want**

Commissions get posted to my gallery usually, unless you don't want them to. Limit three edits per commission, anymore incurs extra charges because it's extra time and a hastle

Here's my zazzle page, in case you are interested in that sort of a wardrobe or.. printing thing;

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Natebros Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2016
Watch from Imgur!
Drunkfu Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2016
Thanks! Glad you took the time to come check out my other junk!
grandmastergir Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2016
Hey! Long time no see! Randomly remembered you, and i've been going through all your CoX themed pictures. Nostalgia lane! I'ts me, Discord Chameleon! The "Green and black lizard dude with wings and chains" :D Man, I miss you and Dragonberry. I'd totally wanna get in touch with you and her again. Is Dragonberry still around anywhere?
Drunkfu Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2016
sure she's got a DA page here she still sometimes uses
dragonknight22 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2016  Student General Artist
hi, do you roleplay?
Drunkfu Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2016
dragonknight22 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2016  Student General Artist
GysKing1 Featured By Owner May 19, 2016
Awesome gallery you have
Drunkfu Featured By Owner May 20, 2016
GysKing1 Featured By Owner May 20, 2016
You're welcome ^_^
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